The Right List

International Lists

B2B and B2C data

The Right List has access to over 40,000 lists worldwide, covering both B2B and B2C data - postal, telephone and email data

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Targeted Lists

We source data files to match your target market, exactly.

We aim to only source lists that match your criteria, irrespective of how tight it may be. You can put your trust in us to find, The Right List.

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B2B Data

Business to Business

We work with publishers, conference organisers, training providers, pharmaceutical companies, telecom companies, Medical professionals, Financial institutes, Accountancy firms etc.

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B2C Data

Business to Consumer

We work with publishers, luxury mailers, tour operators, clothing companies, catalogue companies, lotteries and sweepstakes, Institutes, Health & fitness, charities etc.

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Bespoke Data
We aim to tick every box by matching all aspects of your criteria. Job function, industry, company size,
                            geography etc. [more]
Premium Lists
We don’t cut any corners, we start at the top and.. well, we stay there! We work with named brands from all
                            around the world. [more]
Time Management
Our broking service will save you both time and money. How? We know exactly where to look and secure discounts. [more]
Who We Are and How We Work

Our results are brand driven so we specialise in response based files i.e. magazine subscribers, conference delegates, show attendees etc.

The Right List can offer you:

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