The Right List

Why Choose Us
We specialise in response based data.
Not compiled lists. The data we source for you could be magazine subscribers, conference delegates, show attendees etc.
We know what we are doing!
We possess over 10 years valuable experience in list broking and have access to over 40,000 lists - worldwide.
We value your business.
We work with the largest corporations around the world and have a reputation to uphold. We will find you The Right List.
DM Quotes

What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.

David Ogilvy

Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.

Jef I. Richards
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Our Mission

The Right List company are the experts in UK and International List Broking representing over 40,000 direct mail and email lists, worldwide. We work with both B2B and B2C companies providing specialist advice on not only the best lists to mail but also how to optimise their campaigns. From selection criteria to swap opportunities, from de-dupe advice to post mailing results analysis, we can help you recruit more customers at a lower cost.

Our main goal is to find you 'the right list'. Our aim is to help you achieve top results from your marketing efforts with the best customised direct marketing lists.

At The Right List, we research, negotiate and implement all of your list needs for both direct mail and email campaigns. We have experience with a diverse clientele and can satisfy all of your requirements.

How we differ to other list managers/brokers in the industry.
Our results are brand driven so we specialise in response based files i.e. magazine subscribers, conference delegates, show attendees etc.


Our experienced list brokers each bring specialist knowledge and sector specific experience. This experience, combined with our industry leading bespoke analysis and planning tools, enables us to achieve exceptional results, time and time again.

• With over 10 years experience specifically in list broking, we know exactly where to look.
• We understand the market and really know our data
• We have a reputation for exceptional negotiation and innovative buying
• We constantly strive to maximise the effectiveness of our clients marketing
• We don't just save you money, we add value to your whole acquisition process
Sample List Datasheets
To view sample datasheets, please click on the images below:

Time Magazine
Consumer list of affluent readers, worldwide - postal and email data

Accountancy Age
Business list of Accountants in public & private sectors, UK - postal, email & tel data

Marcus Evans
B2B list of middle-senior decision makers, worldwide - postal and email data