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Email Hints & Tips
We have plenty of experience under our belts to advise you of when your email campaign would achieve the greatest response. For more information on email broadcasting, please speak to your TRL representative who will be able to help you.

For general e-marketing recommendation we suggest:

Use good data

Only rent email addresses that have a verifiable opt-in status. Response rates are generally 10 times greater using good opt-in data. This is why The Right List specifically emphasises on 'response based' lists i.e. magazine subscribers, direct mail buyers, conference delegates etc. All our email files are fully DMA compliant where each record has been given the opportunity to opt in/out of receiving 3rd party emails.

Keep the creative simple

Try to ensure the whole message can be seen on one screen, including response mechanisms. Don't use lots of different font sizes and typefaces - it confuses and detracts from the message. Make sure that graphics are hosted so that the file size is kept to a minimum.

Keep your message simple

Email message broadcasting should be seen as a means to an end - the end being a contact with your prospect or a visit to your website. Long messages raise the threshold to response. Keep the reason for emailing at the forefront of the message.

Create a good subject line

There are a number of variables that play key roles in the success of your email campaign and the subject line is one of the most important ones. Give the recipient a reason to open your message. Poorly considered subject lines could have a negative impact on your campaign, as the recipient may not even see it. Subject lines should be intriguing and not a direct sell. The Right List can provide you with a 'free spamming report' on how likely your email is likely to get through to your records, prior to the broadcast.

Make it easy to respond

After all, that is the point of the exercise. Always have a clear, concise call to action. Allow recipients immediate access to your website and contact by email - they are online so use the media. You should also enable them to contact you offline.

Consider multi-wave broadcasts

You should not think of email marketing as a one off hit - an all or nothing approach. Research shows that response rates increase with frequency as the recognition factor increases - this is known as 'multi-wave marketing'. Ask your TRL representative about this as most list owners tend to great offers for multiple campaigns.

Make use of HTML

Whilst keeping the message simple, you should, where possible use html to create the message - it looks far better on screen, and allows the URL's of links to be hidden behind visually pleasing images. We do however, always ask for a text version of the html to be broadcast simultaneously to the html, to ensure that recipients unable to accept html, will be able to receive your message. Our system will always try and send out the HTML at first instance although if the recipients server refuses to accept HTML's, a text creative is then automatically sent in it's place. In either case, each record will receive just the one email.

Track everything

We ask our clients to create a response mechanism wherever possible by hyperlinking images and certain key words. The Right List will provide you with a detailed tracking report and it is in our interest as well yours, to improve your open and click thru rates however possible. We encourage our clients to have some process in place to analyse the number of website hits i.e. the responses at the time of broadcast.

Get the timing right

Don't broadcast over night to B2B databases as the first thing that will happen the following morning is that the message will be deleted. Tuesdays through Thursdays have proved to be the most responsive for B2B broadcasts. Sending a message on a Friday afternoon to consumers has proved very successful.

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