The Right List

Email Broadcasting
The Right List can offer you a complete email broadcasting service (HTML / text) for companies of all sizes using a top end marketing software enabling us to send up to 2 million emails per day on your behalf. This combined with The Right List's ethos of automation and a process driven approach allows for competitive rates with fast turn-around times, with campaigns being broadcast within 24 hours of receiving the necessary elements.

Complete Control.

Your emails will appear exactly how you want it to appear in the recipients inbox. You have complete control of the campaign as we require all clients to provide the following information:

• FROM Line
• Time and date of broadcast

The email will appear as though it has come from your company and not via another 3rd party. We can include up to 10 email addresses to receive the tests and will also be included in the actual broadcast.

With this information to hand, it allows you to play big brother by also giving you the option to follow up all the openers and clickers. This is available at any point after the campaign has been sent up to 3 months after deployment. This can be fed through to you in manageable volumes allowing your or your sales team to contact each recipient individually.

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Online Reporting
The Right List offers a detailed tracking report so you can fully analyse the ROI for each campaign by offering the following statistics after each campaign has been sent out:

• Total emails sent
• Total delivered emails
• No. of hard & soft bounces
• Suppressed
• No. of opens
• % Open rate
• No. and % of click throughs
• No. and % of unsubscribers
• Total unique no. of clicks for each link

View sample tracking report here