The Right List

Industry Jargon
File/List - a database of named contacts with contact details. These people have responded / are subscribing / have bought a product from a certain mailing or promotion or have attended a conference/seminar.

Count - Before you place any orders, we will need to run a count to decide how many names are available to you. The count will usually involve certain selections on the list, like gender, recency, geography etc. This is offered 'FREE OF CHARGE' by The Right List with no obligation to purchase. If you simply wish to do some groundwork and see how many records are available to you, feel free to request a count!

Selections - A list of demographics given by you to run a 'count' i.e. IT Managers from 500+ employee sized companies, all industries, UK and Europe. View list of selections here
Section Detail
List Broker - Acts as a 'middleman' between the mailer and the list owner or manager.

List Manager - A company who manages mailing lists i.e. markets and sells them on, on behalf of the list owner who may not have the time or resources to do so themselves. At The Right List, our magic black book has a list of almost all List Managers in the world!

List Owner - Is the company or individual who owns and sources the names on the list from promoting/selling their product or service i.e. Fleet Street Publications.

Nth selection - Is usually used when a list is being tested. The list renter can select, for example, every 5th or 10th name in order to get a proportionate sample representation of that list.

Format - The days of posting a data file on disc, Cheshire Labels, Self Adhesive Labels etc. have long gone. Data is now emailed over in a .txt, .csv or an .xls format. However you prefer.

Key coding - If an order has been placed, for example, for names from UK and France, the mailer may wish to separately code the UK and the French names so they can be distinguished, i.e. to identify the source of address.

Base Price - Is the cost of the list to rent. It is usually the price 'per '000 names' meaning per one thousand names.

De Dupe - Is a process undertaken by The Right List when several lists have been sent to a bureau or list enquirer for a mailing. Some of these lists may contain the same names and addresses - almost certainly the case if you lease more than 10,000 records. For a small fee our bureau can run the lists against each other to ensure all duplicate names are erased and only appear once.

Flagging - Is the computerised marking of names on a list to identify their previous usage on specific orders by the same client. This is so that these 'flagged' names can be excluded on any future orders for that same list for that specific mailer.

Sleepers/Seed names - A seed or 'dummy' name is where the list owner or manager will place a 'false' name within a batch of ordered names. The list owner or manager will then receive the mailing under this name to their own address. This assures the list owner/manager knows that the mailing company has mailed the product for that list which they said they would. This is also a way to ensure a list is only used once.
Industry Abbreviations
MPS - Mailing Preference Service
EMPS - Email Preference Services
TPS - Telephone Preference Service
FPS - Fax preference Service
PAF - Postcode Address File
DMA - Direct Marketing Association
1PC - One per company (applies to B2B data)
1PH - One per household (applies to B2C data)
SIC - Standard Industry Code (Industry code classification. Every industry is given a code)