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List Specialists
We represent over 40,000 databases worldwide, so let us do your donkey work. We research and find the direct marketing lists that match your needs perfectly. Let us know what your target market is and we will research and forward over list recommendations that best match your criteria i.e. IT Decision makers, telecoms industry, UK and Europe in 500+ employee sized companies. OR perhaps, upmarket homeowners living in London and surrounding counties with 2+ children.

Whatever your target market, if the list exists, we should be able to get our hands on it.

Submit your research request.

There are two easy ways to get our FREE list recommendations... There is NO cost or obligation to purchase whatsoever. This is a completely free service which you may find useful if you simply require some groundwork for a potential campaign.

1. Call us on 0844 318 1818.

The first thing we will do is listen - To your goals, your schedule, your budget. Then we will suggest the very best lists available. With over 40,000 lists at our fingertips, means we can provide you with customised direct mail or telemarketing lists and opt-in email campaigns. Give us a call right now and get our list recommendations at no cost and with no obligation.

2. Complete and submit your criteria.

When we receive your form, we'll get back to you promptly with thoughtful list recommendations. Many fields are optional, but the more you tell us about what you're after, the better we can make well-researched list recommendations to find you 'the right list'.
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Target Market
If there is one thing you must ensure you do as part of your direct marketing effort, is to work out the return on investment (ROI) it generates for your business. Anyone will tell you that there is absolutely no point spending valuable resources and money on direct marketing campaigns if they don't generate a positive return for you. The Right List aims to help you achieve this very important goal by offering you a targeted list for your mailing campaign.

By tracking your campaign responses accurately, you will be able to work out the return on investment (ROI) by analysing how much you spent compared with the revenue generated. It's equally as important for us, as it is for you, that you exceed your ROI.