The Right List

List Specialists
First and foremost, the very core of our business is 'list rental' - offering external data for either a one time use or a 12 month lease [more]
Email Broadcasting
We offer a complete email broadcasting service (HTML / text) for companies of all sizes. [more]
Data Cleansing
The Right List can help you clean up your existing database by flagging up the number of old, incorrect & incomplete records [more]
Our Services

List Specialists
We specialise in response based data opposed to compiled/tele-researched data. We source our data from blue chip companies including publishers, conference/exibition companies. [...]

Email Broadcasting.
We can broadcast on your behalf using your data and/or any data leased through The Right List. A detailed tracking report is provided allowing you to fully analyse your campaign. [...]

Data Cleansing.
We can analyse your data and provide you with a full report of what we can offer which includes the number of duplicates within your database, the number of goneaways, deceased. [...]